Track 3 Students Have Received Their Awards

Our Track 3 students formed groups of at least 3 and 5 people and produced a commercial for a product they wanted not to exceed 90 seconds. A total of 12 films (groups) participated in the competition. With the ads posted throughout the school, the audience / students were asked to watch videos and vote. The site is below:

Tutzy Nicotine Gum won the most votes. It got 249 votes. Students: Zeynep Alan, Tolga Shooting, Umit Kolak, Yunus Emre Akyol, Tarkan Tavukcu

A jury consisting of Arev Babahan, Şule Öztekin and Volkan Demirkan Martin evaluated the advertisements according to 3 criteria: 1. English usage, 2. creativity / original idea, 3. attention / fun

The group that won the jury award was Wide Awake. Students: Begüm Nur Tekin, Buket Sena Özdemir, Buse Kantarcı, Gökdeniz Yalçınöz, Hüseyin Kurgun

Congratulations to all students who have received the awards.