The SFL iLearning Center helps students in the English preparatory program improve and practice their English language, scholarly communication, and study skills in several ways.

This center offers students various level-based activities that they can participate in and mostly take place in the Learning Hub in B001 in the SFL building.

Book Club

Reading is essential for improving your overall understanding and use of English. It improves your vocabulary, grammar, thinking, and problem-solving skills. It will also help you improve your writing. Additionally, you can learn more about English-speaking countries and cultures through reading. Of course, reading should be fun and exciting. Reading a story and talking to other people about it makes it more enjoyable and gives you a chance to improve your communication skills. It allows you to express your opinions and learn what others think about various social and personal issues and what you all think of the book overall. With any luck, you will find some books and authors that are just right for you. 

You will all read the same book in a group and then meet to talk about it. Each person will have a different role to play in the conversation, but one important rule is that you should read for at least 10 minutes daily.

If you want to know more about it, please visit the Learning Hub in the SFL building in B001 or email Tuba Biret Burkett at

Conversation Groups

The Khas Conversation Group is open to all our students, including exchange students, Erasmus students, and visiting students.
The group meetings allow you to meet other students and practice and develop your spoken English in a relaxed and casual environment. In these sessions, small, multinational groups of students talk, discuss and share their ideas on a variety of subjects that they choose together.

For more information, please visit the Learning Hub in the SFL building in B001 or contact


The requirements of academic life can be challenging for all students, and at times English Prep students can feel frustrated and lost when learning a new language. We often hear statements like:

* I don’t know where to start. 
* I can’t find enough time.
* I can’t organize my time, and I don’t know what I need to study first.
* I feel distracted all the time.

Don’t worry! Tutorials are here to help you with all these.

Tutorials are one-to-one sessions with a teacher focusing on the student’s individual learning needs. During these tutorials, the teacher and the student work together to determine the student’s needs, weaknesses, priorities, and learning preferences to create an individualized learning plan that is followed and fine-tuned.

You need to make an appointment to attend a tutorial with Tuba Biret Burkett via