You can find all information about the preparatory program in the Student Handbook.

KHAS-LPPE is the abbreviation for the Level Placement and Proficiency Exam which is held at the beginning of each academic year and at the end of Spring Semester. The first stage of the KHAS-LPPE assesses test takers’ level of English Language and contains four modules: A1, A2, B1 and B2, each of which contains 25 multiple choice questions. In order to be eligible to sit Stage 2, the test taker must achieve B1 level or higher in the exam.

The second stage of the KHAS-LPPE assesses the test takers’ reading, writing and listening skills in English. Those who score 60 or more in total in Stage 2 are exempted from the English Preparatory Program and are entitled to begin their studies in the Faculties/Departments in the new academic year.

Students are placed in the English Preparatory Program based on their scores in KHAS-LPPE Stage 1.

Students who have obtained scores from international language exams approved by the Kadir Has University Senate will be exempt from the English Preparatory Program if they submit their exam results documents directly to the Directorate of the School of Foreign Languages ​​(obtained within the last two calendar years) 

At the end of the Spring Semester, Track 4 and 5 students are eligible to proceed directly to the Core Program by fulfilling the required final requirements and without taking the KHAS-LPPE exam with the midterm and final exam average.

The compulsory period of education in the English Preparatory Program is one year. The earliest date to complete Preparatory program for those who are registered in the Fall Semester is the end of the Spring Semester.

Objections to the KHAS-LPPE exam results can be made within three working days from the date of the announcement of the results. Factual error refers to errors that do not necessitate the re-evaluation of the exam paper. Exam papers of which the results have already been announced are not inspected and reevaluated for anything other than material errors. Objections made after three working days will not be taken into consideration.

Portfolio grades, short exams, Midterm and Final exams are shown to students by their own instructors, and factual errors if any are determined and corrected. The results of these exams cannot be appealed by means of a petition since during the term results are shown, feedback is given by instructor and students are able to see their mistakes.

The exams subject to objection are re-assessed by the commission to be assigned by the School of Foreign Languages and the student is notified of the finalized decision within seven working days. Exam papers are kept for two years.

Students of the School of Foreign Languages English Preparatory Program are required to attend at least 85% of the total course hours for each semester. The 15% flexibility is given considering that students may have unexpected accidents, illnesses or other problems and absenteeism is not a right. The 15% flexibility is given considering that students may have unexpected accidents, illnesses or other problems and absenteeism is not a right. Students are expected to follow up their absence on Sparks regularly.

At the beginning of the academic semester, 15% of the total course hours, which may vary across the levels, are calculated and this information is shared with the students.

Students can track their grades through the KHAS Learn system and their absenteeism through Sparks system. 

You can check the Academic Calendar for exam dates and all other important dates: 

Class start and end times are determined according to the levels of the preparatory program at the beginning of the semester, and students are informed accordingly.

Students who meet the requirements for entering the final exam, and are able to achieve a grade point average between 65-100, are considered to have successfully completed their tracks. They continue to improve their English with curricula that are two-higher levels from their current level.

Students who obtain a grade point average of 0-64 and fulfil the final exam requirements, continue their English education at the higher level of their current level. Students who do not fulfil the final exam requirements will continue with the same level as their current level.

Track 2 is not offered in the Extended Spring Period. Therefore, students who do not achieve a grade point average of 65-100 at the end of the Spring Semester in Track 2 have to take KHAS-LPPE Stage 1 at the beginning of the following year and are placed in a level accordingly if they are not eligible to take Stage 2 and/or are eligible but cannot achieve 60 points or higher.

Student who do not qualify for KHAS-LPPE Stage 2 at the end of the Extended Spring Term are required to take the KHAS-LPPE 1st Stage which will be held at the beginning of the following academic year and is the pre-requisite of the KHAS-LPPE 2nd Stage.

Students, whose level is determined as Intermediate and above in the 1st Stage of this exam, are allowed to take the 2nd Stage of the KHAS-LPPE.

Health committee reports of 10 days or more, from full-fledged state or private hospitals, are accepted as a relevant excuse and, when handed in a timely manner, the student will not be marked absent. Other reports that do not meet the specified requirements will not be not accepted. Health reports that comply with these conditions should be submitted to or delivered to the Administrative Affairs Office within three working days following the end date of the report.

Students who fail to take the mid-term and final exams due to their excuses are obliged to submit their reports documenting the situation to the Directorate of School of Foreign Languages via or the Administrative Affairs office within three working days at the latest, following the date of the report. Students whose reports are approved, can take the make-up exam to be held on a date to be determined by the School of Foreign Languages. There is no make-up exam for the assessment and evaluation activities with a weighted grade of 25% or less.

Students whose reports are approved can take the make-up exam for midterm and final exams. There is no make-up for KHAS-LPPE exams.

  1. Each lecturer offers office hours, at least one hour per week, to the classes she teaches. Students can request support individually or in groups by making an appointment. If they deem it necessary, the lecturer can invite students to office hours to study certain subjects.
  2. Those who want to improve their written and verbal communication skills in English outside of the classroom can benefit from the one-to-one tutorials, additional courses, workshops, speaking groups and activities provided by the iLearning Center.
  3. Learning-Hub: Our students can benefit from the books, resources and extra materials in the Learning-Hub, which will be located on the basement floor of SFL, and they can also do extra reading, study and group work before or after the lesson in the study area here.

One of the best things you can do to improve your English is to use English resources that are of interest to you, that you enjoy, that you will not have too much difficulty understanding, and that you will follow with pleasure as much as possible. For this, we recommend that you read short texts, and especially simplified storybooks that are abundantly available on the Learning-Hub, which is an extension of the KHAS Information Center. You can also watch TV series/documentaries with English subtitles, listen to English songs trying to understand the lyrics, and benefit from websites such as TED-Ex, BBC Learn English. When these are followed and studied regularly, they will accelerate your learning. In addition, you can download and study English learning applications that you can follow on your mobile phone, such as Duolingo, Memrise and Rosetta Stone.

The aim of the iLearning Center is to help all members of our university improve their written and verbal communication skills in English. In addition, the iLearning Center offers students the opportunity to participate in additional courses and workshops that will provide them with the opportunity to improve their knowledge in the subjects and skills they find challenging, in order to improve their English language proficiency. 

Students who encounter problems in any subject during their education can contact the Administrative Affairs office. If a student has a problem related to class, they should first talk to the instructor of their class. If there is no result from the dialogues with the instructor, the student can contact the Belkıs Kılınç Sadak, the Assistant Director who is responsible for the English Preparatory Program students. If necessary, they can apply in writing to the School of Foreign Languages Administrative Affairs Office.

For administrative and academic matters, you can send your questions to or call the extension numbers 2112/2118. You can also apply to assistant director Belkıs Kılınç Sadak regarding academic and administrative issues. In addition, you can forward your questions and problems to your class representative, and class representatives can share them with the Administrative Affairs Office and the Assistant Director at class representative meetings which are held regularly throughout the semester.

KHAS SFL Administrative Affairs Office |
KHAS SFL Administrative Affairs Specialist Banu Sezer |
KHAS SFL Assistant Director Belkıs Kılınç Sadak |
KHAS SFL Head of iLearning Center Teoman Türeli |

The document you can request from the SFL Administrative Affairs Office: Achievement Certificate.

The preparation time for the documents you request is the next business day from the requested day. Students can request documents through Sparks.

The Student Affairs Directorate prepares the student certificate in the main campus. The documents requested by the students through the Sparks system are sent to the student e-mails one day later. Students who want to receive the delivery with a wet signature have to send an e-mail to the main Student Affairs Office and state their requests.

Sparks: Student portal, academic registration and information system (
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MyKHAS: University portal (intranet) (
Wi-fi: For internet access on campus
E-mail: All students are given an e-mail address with the extension “” (
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Password: You can access all systems/applications within the university with a single password, by completing the necessary steps at the link

It is necessary to apply to the Security Affairs Office located at the entrance of A-Block.

You can access the list of clubs here. For detailed information, you can contact the Campus Life Office.