Kadir Has University, School of Foreign Languages Teaching and Learning Philosophy

The SFL EPP Curriculum is developed around Content-Based Instruction (CBI), which aims to create opportunities for a more natural way of developing language ability, and where students are exposed to intensive teaching of the target language by focusing on content through themes ranging from information on familiar and personal topics to semi-authentic and authentic texts. In this approach, students learn about the content by using the language/rhetorical patterns they explore as tools for developing knowledge in ways that develop their linguistic ability.

Students are thus guided to recognize language/rhetorical patterns and lexis in the texts they study, and develop strategies to understand, re-structure, learn and use them effectively. While doing this, students also develop important academic skills such as note-taking, paraphrasing and summarizing, analyzing and synthesizing information from (a variety of) texts, and evaluating and re-structuring information, which can then be transferred to other subjects. To this end, the SFL EPP curriculum aims to prepare students to be better equipped for an academic environment that requires the achievement of inter-disciplinary 21st Century skills which are not restricted to language learning, but which will help them succeed in their future studies.

By the end of the program, students are expected to have successfully completed the final course of EPP (i.e., Track 5) and exam requirements, and have developed sufficient English language competence to continue their academic studies in their departments and beyond. This is achieved through intensive teaching and learning of content, and language support that is provided through multiple means (i.e., instruction and exploitation of core and supplementary materials and texts, tutorials, language support classes, written and verbal feedback, and through asynchronous tasks.)

While this support is provided in an ongoing manner, students are encouraged to be actively engaged in and take responsibility for their own learning and fulfill responsibilities as expected.