Our mission is to ensure a positive learning experience that will assist our students in achieving their most significant potential in a diverse and ever-changing society.

Alongside this mission, Kadir Has University, School of Foreign Languages is committed to:

● imparting education to our learners who receive their education in an English medium environment and enabling them to elevate themselves to a higher level as stated in Article 49 of the Higher Education Law.
● inducting the students who have recently enrolled at our university to a collegiate environment and the academic staff, as well as making them internalize that they are now a member of the Kadir Has University family.
● providing the necessary supportive environments and networks to the learners who might be going abroad for further educational purposes within the scope of international programs.


Our vision is:

● ensuring that English remains the medium of education at Kadir Has University and is used appropriately throughout academic procedures, and accordingly maintaining the English language as an integral part of university education.
● maximizing educational quality and providing rational solutions to the problems of our learners and other participants who desire to receive an education.
● transforming English language learning, in parallel with the physical environment and staff, into a professionally operated language education instead of a burden.
● conveying language education outside the classroom by actively using educational technologies such as online learning tools, asynchronous formats, and social media.
● contributing to the success of Kadir Has University at the national and international level and becoming a prestigious institution among other comparable educational institutions.