The KHAS-Level Placement and Proficiency Exam (LPPE) will take place face to face on Cibali Campus on 6-8 June 2022. Stage 1 will take place on 6 June 2022; Stage 2 will take place on 8 June 2022. 

Students who are not registered for the 2021-22 Academic year have to take the first stage of the KHAS-LPPE exam (Even if they passed stage 1 in past exams).

Students who pass stage 1 will take Stage 2. LPPE Stage 2 consists of three parts: Reading, Writing and Listening.

Please click here for further details regarding the LPPE:

In order to take the exam, an application must be made via the link below between 23-27 May 2022. Applications submitted after 17:30 on 27 May 2022 will not be accepted.

Application Link for students who entered the university in 2020: KHAS STYS Application Form