The iLearning Center was formed to support learners in developing their English language communication abilities, to provide personalized scaffolding and direction to their learning, and to aid and encourage independent learning whilst reinforcing and amplifying classroom instruction. Its aims include providing learners with personalized tutoring, focusing on the needs of the individual learner through one-to-one tutorials and providing ongoing diagnosis, teaching, materials, feedback and a program of study, and thereby providing direction and scaffolding to help the learner develop, and motivation and support for independent learning. A second goal is to help groups of students who are struggling with, or failing to develop, their language competencies through the provision of remedial classes, which focus on providing groups of students with explicit instruction, materials, scaffolding and opportunities to practice and receive feedback and thereby to overcome the difficulties they are having in understanding and producing language. A third goal is to provide students with opportunities to use, extend and practice their English in an informal, focused and open environment through the provision of wide-ranging extracurricular activities and discipline specific study groups. A fourth goal is to review and encourage the use of existing and effective language learning aids and materials, and to produce, and make available where needed quality online materials for the use of our learners and the wider community. The iLearning Center also helps students apply and prepare for work or graduate study abroad. Finally, we seek to create and utilize opportunities to catalyze learning and to increase synergies between learners, teachers and relevant teaching units.