Assessment at KHas SFL

Since the SFL EPP Curriculum is developed around Content-Based Instruction (CBI), the content that is used to teach the language is organized through themes ranging from information on familiar and personal topics to semi-academic and academic texts.

The Assessment system at the KHas SFL recognizes the importance of continuous, theme-based and transparent assessment components, reflecting both the formative and summative elements of a meaningful assessment system, and it is a combination of assessed course work and exams.

As such, the assessment of learning at KHas SFL contains formats which reflect the type of activities our students will be expected to perform in their faculty courses, such as:

  1. Writing a short response: based on some of the content of the material students have studied during the course.
  2. Writing a long response: using information from a selection of texts which have been provided, in line with the academic writing conventions
  3. Learning Portfolio: producing short and longer pieces of writing every other week which consist of the draft and final versions. The Learning Portfolio provides an opportunity for students to improve their writing and language skills, as well as reflect on their own learning experience.
  4. Independent Study and Classroom Participation Evaluation: assessing the work students do during class time, as well as the assigned work they need to complete outside class hours. It is also expected for learners to proactively participate in the lessons, adhering to the rules of punctuality and using English in the classroom.
  5. Oral Assessment: assessing students’ general spoken performance in English, as well as fluency, idea development, and interaction skills.
  6. Language Exams: short exams assessing the language and vocabulary covered in the course at regular intervals.
  7. Mid-Term Exam: happening in the middle of the semester, covering the skills, language and vocabulary students are expected to have developed until that point.
  8. Final Exam: happening at the end of the semester, covering the skills, language and vocabulary students are expected to have developed throughout the semester.

At the start of each track, more detailed information regarding the assessment components such as the expectation and weigthing of each component, as well as due dates, are provided to students.

For more detailed information, please refer to the Khas SFL English Preparatory Program Student Handbook at this link: